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The 5 hectares of land at Inverskilavulin was bought in 2006 from Cameron of Loch Eil who owned the grounds for centuries since 1665. The estate is family run by the Mainardi’s who have worked in the luxury hotel trade for 45 years and decided to retire to the beautiful Scottish Highlands. This family’s Scottish and French heritage, and international life shines through in their warm and artistic interiors, as well as the fine service that guests experience at Inverskilavulin.


Glenloy stretches across 6 miles through wonderful Scottish Corbetts. Today, with only 18 inhabitants, then Glen has a similar population to the one it had in early historical times. There are endless amounts of walks, and plenty of beautiful wildlife, and nature to absorb while you relax in one of the richest historical, natural, and serene places of the Scottish Highlands. Please Check our activities and bookings page for more information!


The Glen has a rich pre, early, and modern natural and social history. It has been visited, lived in, and owned by influential political figures and families such as King Malcolm IV, the MacGilliechattans, the MacKintosh, and Clan Cameron of Loch Eil; as well as a famous Shakespearean called Banquo. The Glen has also witnessed some bloody Scottish battles such as the Jacobite Rebellion.
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